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"Dear Friends:
I am very happy with your services - your rapid response to my emergency call in March 2011 actually saved my life! My cardiologist informed me a delay of between 6 to 8 minutes could have been fatal.
Thank you."

Ms. I. Martin

"I am extremely pleased with eResponse! Recently I had a problem that I thought could wait until the next day, but when I spoke to Harrison on the phone, he insisted on coming to my house to fix it --at 7:00 pm. I was very grateful!"

Ms. A. Andresen

"Hunter is very nice. He came in last year and installed my Mom's device, and we are very happy with the service he gave us. My boys and I feel much better since Mom has her device around her neck. We feel safe because help will be on the way if she falls. We hope and pray to God that never happens. I would like to thank Hunter for all his help."

Ms. K. Wool

"As a recent client of eResponse Group, I can praise the support and promptness of my request for service. Both Harrison and Hunter MacDonnell returned my several phone calls very promptly and were able to help me to secure a plan for my 84 year old relative. Both men were very professional and presented themselves and their business plan in a clear and precise format. Their products are unique and clearly defined, offering just what is needed for a perfect solution.

Ms. B. Formica for Ms. K. Geddes

"I'm happy to say I have not needed to call for emergency, but I know, if needed, Hunter or Harrison would see to it. In the past, when I've called service, you men have been wonderful.

Ms. F. Salvatore

"I think that everyone is in an agreement that the system is awesome. We have spread the word about the service to the network of physicians that we see and all are excited about the service. We appreciate the timely replacement of the key holder, the new one works well. We have had to tweak the alarm schedule and that has worked well also. Kudos to all : back at ya!!!"

Mr. and Mrs. R. Nisbet

"Your service is terrific - you are aware of the exact correct problem before I am even aware of the problem - and you are always available for questions, etc."

Ms. M. Yates

"Great service, great product! I'm very satisfied with product, installation and promptness in answering any questions - extremely happy.
Thank you."

Mr. D. Salamon

"You are the best!"

Ms. R. Lynch

"Fortunately I have not had to use your service. However, on two occasions I accidently hit the call button - that initiated a call from your capable team.
Thank you."

Ms. M. Harrington

"Dear Hunter and Harrison:
Thank you for the eResponse Group. I'm pleased with the system. I feel comfortable and safe knowing that I'm well protected.
Again, thank you for your caring."

Ms. H. Roman

"I'm a relatively new user and have just returned from vacation - but to get home and wear the eResponse pendant feels amazingly comforting and safe. I'm glad that I have it."

Ms. E. Appleton

"I hit the button two or three times accidently. The response was clear, on the ball, understanding, pleasant and courteous - all excellent."

Mr. J. M. Driscoll

"All is satisfactory and the price for peace of mind is very reasonable."

Ms. M. Decker

"I have found response time to be excellent. People who have responded have been very pleasant and reassuring."

Ms. M. Albert

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