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What is Life Sentry?
How is Life Sentry Better?
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What is Life Sentry?


What is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)?
Life Sentry's personal emergency response system is the medical alert device that provides professional assistance at the touch of a button. There are no telephone numbers to look up, and no need to dial the phone. With Life Sentry's two-way voice technology, simply press the button, and communicate with an EMT-certified operator directly through the pendant.

How does it work?
When thEmergency Button on the pendant is pressed, a telephone call is made to an EMT-certified emergency operator.

Then what happens?
The operator will immediately dispatch medical personnel or a loved one to your location. They will also contact anyone that you have listed on your custom call list.

Be Assured
If you are concerned about a loved one, a friend, or anyone who is living alone, or may need assistance in an emergency, then it's time for MediPendant™. It will provide you with the most important thing... peace of mind.

$1 a day or $29.95/month
2-Way Voice Pendant
Base Station

You can reach a live eResponse representative 24/7 by calling our toll free number. We can answer any questions you may have on medical Emergency Response Systems. Your system will be delivered in 3-5 business days pre-programmed and tested.

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