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Life Sentry 2-Way Pendant
Visonic Amber® Select
What is Visonic Amber® Select
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Visionic Amber® Select

Medical Alert Solution

The Visonic Amber® Select





  • Ultra-modern and streamlined design fits any décor


  • Programmable inactivity monitoring and fall monitoring via a wearable detector


  • Comprehensive environmental safety detection – including, smoke, flood, carbon monoxide (CO), and intrusion monitoring


  • Emergency call initiation and pick-up of incoming calls using wearable remote transmitters


  • Built-in, two-way speakerphone - with high-volume setting and high- sensitivity microphone


  • Large LCD screen with unlimited language options, and time and date display


  • Up to 16 customizable reminders


  • Comprehensive anti-failure protection features – including power failure and low or missing battery alerts, 24-hour backup battery, and programmable periodic test







Necklace Transmitter
$42.00 + Tax
Wristband Transmitter
$42.00 + Tax
Motion Detector
$70.00 + Tax
Magnetic Contact
$25.00 + Tax
CO Detector
$80.00 + Tax
Smoke Detector
$70.00 + Tax

$29.95 a /month    $0. Activation Fee

Visonic Amber® Select Necklace Transmitter  

At eResponse we personalize the process of purchasing and delivering a Medical Emergency Alarm System. We are a 100% privately owned Family Business that maintains the only Call Center in the country staffed with certified EMT operators. No one can provide better life safety monitoring for you or a loved one than our group.


Your Medical Alert system includes:

(1) Visonic Wireless Control Panel - (Hands Free 2-Way Voice Communication with our EMT Certified Operators occurs from here when the Emergency button is activated)

(1) Wireless Medical Alert Button (Wrist strap, necklace and belt clip included)

(1) Easy to follow system setup guide

(1) Battery Backup

(1) Telephone cord for phone line connectivity

(1) Power Supply for the base station

(1) Monitoring Agreement filled out with your information

(1) Subsciber information sheet

(1) Return envelope stamped to send the monitoring agreement and subscriber infomation sheet to our office



6 Month Subscription - $179.70 + Tax


1 Year Subscription - $329.45 + Tax

(1 Month of FREE monitoring)


2 Year Subscription - $658.90 + Tax

(2 Months of FREE Monitoring)


3 Year Subscription - $988.35 + Tax

(3 Months of FREE Monitoring)


Learn more about Our Innovative Call Center







Fall Detector
$65.00 + Tax
Emergency Button
$33.00 + Tax
Clip MCW
$30.00 + Tax
Flood Detector
$45.00 + Tax
Gas Detector
$80.00 + Tax
Range Extender
$95.00 + Tax
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